Management Philosophy

Through the corporate activities of VIGteQnos,
by enriching both employees' physical and mental activities, we contribute to society, contribute to the revitalization of the local community, and aim for the permanent development of the company. We aim to be a company that can expand its scope of activities both in Japan and overseas and contribute globally.
Improve Value, Innovation, Globalization, Technology, Quality in the company name, continue to grow with customers, and return the resulting revenue to employees and shareholders.
Accordingly, VIGteQnos’’ Code of Conduct shall be based on this management philosophy.

VIGteQnos Co., Ltd.


Kazuki Komamoto

Code of Conduct (VIG SEVEN WAYS)

VIGteQnos, Acts centered on the customer.

VIGteQnos Takes action based on the fact that the profits obtained from corporate activities are the result of customer-focused efforts.

VIGteQnos Acts with the spirits contained in the company name.

VIGteQnos Always act with gratitude and inspiration.

VIGteQnos Always act in a venture spirit.

VIGteQnos Employees act as a fateful community.

VIGteQnos Acts with an emphasis on safety, environment, and compliance.

Action Guidelines

Improving customer satisfaction

In order to increase customer satisfaction, we will always act with enthusiasm and sincerity as a united employee with the spirits put into the company name.

  • V

    We will always strive to create new added value for our customers.

  • I

    Create "innovation" with a venture spirit without being bound by existing concepts.

  • G

    Aiming to be a company that can be used by the international community.

  • T

    We will contribute to society permanently with reliable technology that can be used for various purposes.

  • Q

    We will continue to work on quality improvement activities and supply high quality products to our customers.

Compliance with laws and regulations fair transactions

We have social decency and high ethical standards, comply with various laws and regulations, and trade in good faith and fairness.

Coexistence with the environment and society

We aim to reduce environmental pollution and the burden on the natural environment by giving first priority to the conservation of the global environment.

Respect for human rights

Through our corporate activities, we will act so as not to infringe on any discrimination or human rights.

Maintenance of a healthy working environment

We will create a safe, secure and healthy work environment where each employee can accept the diverse abilities, personalities and values of each employee, mobilize their motivation, and fully demonstrate their abilities.

Purchasing policy

VIGteQnos Co., Ltd. will comply with relevant laws and regulations when procuring "products" and "materials", and will promote the building of a relationship of trust as a partner through fair and impartial transactions. We also aim for optimal purchasing that balances cost and quality.

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